For over 30 years J&R Sales has provided our HVAC customers with the best selection of quality engineered  products.   We can help you select equipment to match your project specifications and we can also suggest a lower cost alternative product for your consideration.  In our office we maintain a catalog collection of many product brands to help us select a replacement for a model that is no longer in production.  Please contact us via email or telephone for information.   

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Centrifugal Downblast Fans


Centrifugal Direct Drive Fans are designed to pull more air under higher static pressures. The efficient, balanced wheel and air inlet design contribute to maintaining low noise levels and extended motor life. These fans are especially suited for installation in hospitals, schools, motels and hotels, auditoriums, office buildings and light industrial areas.


  • Spun aluminum housing for rust-free, weather resistant durability.
  • Standard bird screen.
  • Non overloading backward inclined wheels, blades and inlets fabricated from aluminum.
  • All sizes can be wall mounted.
  • Wire conduit to provide a clear channel for electrical connections.
  • Safety Disconnect.
  • Variable speed control.

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