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For over 30 years J&R Sales has provided our HVAC customers with the best selection of quality engineered  products.   We can help you select equipment to match your project specifications and we can also suggest a lower cost alternative product for your consideration.  In our office we maintain a catalog collection of many product brands to help us select a replacement for a model that is no longer in production.  Please contact us via email or telephone for information.   

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Wholehouse Fans

Markel Products wholehouse fans range from 2700 cfm to 9675 cfm in 24”, 30” and 36” sizes.  Each model features a 2 speed motor in 120 volt 1 phase power.  A ceiling shutter is included with each fan. The ceiling joist does not need to be cut for fan or shutter installation.  Call us for pricing and more product information.

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